Some Minimum Requirements:  

The Hall of Fame celebrates individuals from all walks of life who, for the love of the game, have dedicated themselves to Minnesota amateur baseball which traces its history from 1857 to the present Minnesota Baseball Association which was founded in 1923.

Nominee shall have performed or made outstanding contributions to a Minnesota Amateur Baseball Program. It is recommended that your nominee has been involved in baseball progams for a minimum of ten years or more.

Does your community have a worthy candidate for the Hall of Fame? Does the candidate meet some of the Criteria listed below?

If so, select a chairman and start a campaign letter and gather testimonials (20-50) or more to have him nominated for the Hall of Fame. In order to be considered for the Hall of Fame a person must be nominated annually. --Official nomination forms can be downloaded or obtained from the Secretary. To be considered nominations and testimonials must be sent to Secretary prior to June 1st of each year***


  * Note: --The nominations must be sent to Secretary prior to June 1st, of each year.  
  Criterial for Selection  
Eligible Amateur Programs


Dedication and love for the baseball game and community.

Bullet Baseball Involvement in Minnesota Amateur Baseball in YoutBullet Baseballh programs ( Babe Ruth), High School, VFW, American Legion, and College.

Bullet Baseball Involvement in Community and Service organizations

Bullet Baseball Eligible Individuals: Outstanding Players, Coach, Manager, Umpire, League Officer, Team Board member or Fan.

NOTE: --Individuals are not selected to the Hall of Fame only because they were outstanding players during their personal careers. They are generally chosen for dedication & love for the game and what they have done for amateur baseball in their communities during and after their personal playing careers were over. Community participation and good citizenship are important; as a result, some excellent players may never be selected to the Hall of Fame because after their careers ended, they dropped their interest and support of amateur baseball. After all, they could have already gotten an award as All Tournament / MVP and received an earned reward.

Suggested Procedure:

Bullet Baseball Organize a Committee to promote the nomination.

Bullet Baseball Select a Chairman for sponsoring the nomination .

Bullet Baseball Draft a Biography of nominee to distribute-

Bullet Baseball Draft A Letter promoting your nominee. . Have support letters sent to chairperson or committee representative for collection and presentation.

-Include some newspaper articles & pictures of nominee if available.

Bullet BaseballAttempt to obtain approximately (20-50) letters of support or more testimonials from friends, fans, team members, coummunity, city leaders (Mayors etc), coaches,church Ministers, opposing coaches, players , family members. and League support is recommended.

Bullet BaseballAssemble and submit to HOF before JUNE 1st of year of induction, . -------Include past Press Releases Newspaper articles and pictures or local publications which include nominee contributions and volunteering.

Bullet BaseballSelection is announced in mid July or early August- An average of 4-6 are inducted annually.

Bullet Baseball- If your nominee is selected be prepared to attend the Banquet and Induction Ceremony. --You might want to help organize a reception for friends and family following the Banquet. --- Thanks for your interest in Amatuer Baseball.

Bullet Baseball- If your nominee isn't slected on your first try please continue trying annually. --Do not give up. Renominate nominee each following year.

Bullet Baseball -The HOF board requires one nomination form each year. All previous information and letters of support will then be again considered. --

-Bullet Baseball --Additional information and letters of support can also be submitted. Sponsors should call Secretary for additional information & comments.

  INDUCTION & BANQUET-- is usually held at the HOF and St Cloud, Mn Rivers Edge Convention Center during the month of September.  

If you would like to nominate an individual for the Hall of Fame, please download the nomination form below or contact our Secretary, Bob Karn.

Bob Karn
MABHOF Secretary

541 Brook Lane
St. Cloud, MN 56301
Phone: (320) 252-8227
Fax: (320) 230-3277
E-mail: mnbaseballhof@charter.net

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