Larry Klunder     N/A N/A Arlington Henderson 2017

Larry Klunder


Wide 154

Height 259


Larry Klunder-Arlington--

Larry Klunder has contributed his energy and love of amateur baseball for over fifty years.  His contributions have varied from championship player to field maintenance.  Larry played high schoold baseball in Clarksville, Iowa and college baseball with the Upper Iowa University Peacocks.  He played amateur baseball for the Arlington A’s from 1962-1969.  Larry was a physical education teacher and athletic director at Arlington-Green-Isle High School. He was the varsity baseball coach from 1964-1979.  He started summer recreation programs in Arlington.  Larry has helped to maintain the Arlington A’s baseball field.  Following his retirement from teaching he umpired high school baseball.  Most recently he was a volunteer host to the teams in state amateur tournaments in Jordan and Belle Plaine.



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