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Jack Ruhr

Jack Ruhr

Jack Ruhr (text courtesy of miesvillemudhens.com)

The Miesville Mudhens family, and so many others, lost a dear friend on July 20. Our condolences and prayers for Jack Ruhr's family and friends and a big prayer for you Jack. Miesville baseball is what it is because of Jack and his friends. You will always be in our hearts in and off the field.

Ruhr was the President of the Mudhens for over 46 years. He was an original stockholder in 1960, when the current ballpark was built, and has served as player/manager. Jack recruited many players over the years and helped form the nucleus of many championship teams. Jack has been a father figure to many Mudhen players and a central figure in the Cannon Valley League. Ruhr was honored approximately 15 years a go by having the Miesville Ball Park re-named “Jack Ruhr Field”.

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  Player, Manager, Coach, Volunteer Umpire  
  HOF- MBA--2000  
  Military Service:  
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