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Minnesota's history and heritage is rich with stories, names records and dedications to the success of amateur baseball in our great State. From it's beginning men from all walks of life and from all sectors of our great State of Minnesota have dedicated themselves to amateur baseballs progress, most not for personal gain, but for the betterment of the programs, their communities and their citizens, young and old.

Many of our fathers, sons and grandsons played the game of baseball. Let's not forget the ladies and family members who attended the games, worked in the concessions stands, collected tickets, score kept, announced games , helped with fund drives and other activities tied to othis great American game. Yes, amateur baseball in Minnesota ranks up there with Mom and Apple pie.

The Minnesota Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame was organized to preserve this great history. To keep the records of players, leagues and games won and lost, the winners of tournaments, pictures, uniforms, old equipment and other artifacts to be kept to inform future generations of this great game and how it was played.

If you have baseball artifacts you want to preserve and donate to the Hall of Fame please contact our Secretary. The Hall of Fame Board thanks you for your consideration.


The Minnesota Amateur Baseball Association (MBA) was founded in 1923 but baseball was played before the MBA begining.

From humble beginnings in Nininger in 1857, where the State’s first town team was formed, to our Homer Hanky filled Metrodome, Minnesota has a long and proud history in our National Pastime..

In 1867, the Minnesota State Association of Base Ball Players was formed and they held the first State Tournament as the North Star Club of St. Paul beat the Vermillion Baseball Club, 43-35. By 1884, Minnesota had its first experience in professional ball when the Northwest League formed with five teams from the State. The turn of the century brought big-time minor league ball to Minnesota and by the mid-20’s, town teams were regularly playing for State titles. Soon, town team ball spread like wildfire and minor leagues scattered the landscape. It wasn’t long before baseball dominated summer life across Minnesota. From the Saints and Millers to the Twins. From the North Star Club to the 100’s of amateur teams playing today.

Our history of baseball is strong, with many stories and we’re here to show it to you. If you get a chance stop and view the displays at the Hall of Fame located at the St Cloud River's Edge Convention Center second floor. The Hall of Fame has many artifacts and cannot show them all but they are changed often. Lets us kno
w what you liked and what you would like to see in the future. Thanks for your interest in Amateur Baseball..

For more information on Minnesota baseball history, click here to go to Halsey Hall.


A bit of History ---

==In 1877 the catcher's mask was first used in a baseball game by James Tying of Harvard in a game against the Lynn Live Oaks