St. Cloud Sports, INC established the Minnesota Amateur Baseball

Hall of Fame in 1963.

A Board of Directors, which consists of 20 members, manages the Hall of Fame and Museum. The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to honor those who have dedicated their lives to amateur baseball progress, through playing the game as well as work in the community to keep amateur baseball alive and kicking. Members are not just chosen by their statistics as a player, but also by their contribution to the game through volunteerism, fund raising, promotion, general community involvement and demonistrated love for the game..


In the Articles of Incorporation, the Hall of Fame’s purpose is stated as follows:

The Minnesota Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame Board of Directors purposes are to establish, administer, promote and maintain a state amateur Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum to encourage the development of the sport and serve as a repository for historical literature, records, photos, equipment, trophies, plaques and such other educational materials; to maintain this Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame for dedicated figures of the game of amateur baseball past, present and future; and to build and maintain a building, or buildings, necessary to carry out the intents and purposes of this corporation; and to buy, sell, improve and lease lands and buildings in connection with the program mentioned herein; and everything incidental thereto.

The Hall of Fame Museum is located on the second floor of the St. Cloud River's Edge Convention Center and is open to the public.
Click here to view a map of the Convention Center.

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